Is data only replicated to domain controllers

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Hi, in regards to data replication, is the data that is replicated only replicated to other global catalogs? and domain controllers that are in the same site but are not global catalogs do not receive the replicated data?

Its one thing i haven't really conclusively been able to find an answer to on the internet so far.



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    "on a specific domain controller, a single database stores copies of those objects that are pertinent to only that domain, in addition to copies of the schema and the configuration objects, which apply to all domains in the forest. On domain controllers that are Global Catalog servers, the database also stores partial replicas of directory partition objects from other domains. Partial replicas are stored on Global Catalog servers so that searches of the entire directory can be achieved without requiring referrals from one domain controller to another."


    It's definitely worth understanding the concept of directory partitions and how they're replicated, as you will likely get questions on it.
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