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Hello everyone,

I am interested to take the security+ exam and hope to get some advice.

It seems like everyone is using the GCGA by Darril Gibson to prepare for their exam. But I am wondering if anyone has used study guide by Glen Clarke? Is this book worth of getting it?

Thank you


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    I just used Professor Messers videos and some practice tests and passed within 2 weeks. Not gonna say that it was easy because I did find it difficult, even with my A+ and Net+ from last year.

    I did use Darril Gibson for my Net+ and heard good things for the Sec+. I would recommend using Darrils book plus the videos from Professor Messer as he goes into detail and shows you how something works. Make notes on all of these and use the Security+ training objectives from CompTIA as a checklist to make sure you know everything on the list. When you feel ready, take a few practice tests and see what score you get. If you're getting over 80%, you should be ready.

    I would recommend giving yourself around a month minimum for the study before your test. The Sec+ personally was the hardest of all 3 and I just scraped it with 2 weeks and my A+ and Net+ behind me.

    Professor Messer's CompTIA SY0-401 Security+ Training Course | Professor Messer IT Certification Training Courses
    CompTIA Security+ Practice Test Questions

    Good luck
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    Hey, I had promising results reading Gibson's book from cover to cover. The Security+ book is not bad at all and the Simpsons references really paints a vivid picture to help understand difficult concepts. I really did enjoy the Security+ book by Gibson. It's the truth! Prof. Messa video's are really good too, but I find that he goes into very finite detail. I think reading the book first and then using Prof. Messor videos to fill in the gap would be ideal.

    Good Luck,
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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    I might check up Indigo to see if they have Gibson's book. But since i already have the study guide by Glen Clarke, I am wondering if it is worth of the time to study it andif it has enough information to cover the exam.

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    Always best to use multiple sources for studying and not just rely on a single one.
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    I used

    - Professor Messer
    - Sybex Sec+ 401 book
    - Andriod sec+ app flashcards
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    My score went up 200 points after using Mr. Gibson's book. That is my 2cents...icon_thumright.gif
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