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Hello everyone,

I am interested to take the security+ exam and hope to get some advice.

It seems like everyone is using the GCGA by Darril Gibson to prepare for their exam. But I am wondering if anyone has used study guide by Glen Clarke? Is this book worth of getting it?

Thank you


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    Hey, I had promising results reading Gibson's book from cover to cover. The Security+ book is not bad at all and the Simpsons references really paints a vivid picture to help understand difficult concepts. I really did enjoy the Security+ book by Gibson. It's the truth! Prof. Messa video's are really good too, but I find that he goes into very finite detail. I think reading the book first and then using Prof. Messor videos to fill in the gap would be ideal.

    Good Luck,
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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    I might check up Indigo to see if they have Gibson's book. But since i already have the study guide by Glen Clarke, I am wondering if it is worth of the time to study it andif it has enough information to cover the exam.

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    Always best to use multiple sources for studying and not just rely on a single one.
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    I used

    - Professor Messer
    - Sybex Sec+ 401 book
    - Andriod sec+ app flashcards
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    My score went up 200 points after using Mr. Gibson's book. That is my 2cents...icon_thumright.gif
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