Does getting your Sec+ get you A+ and Net+?

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I have a friend that says he got credentials for A+ and Net+ when he passed the Sec+. Is that true? Can you take the Sec+ exam and get certified for all three with just that one exam? So if I got my Sec+ I could put Net+ and A+ on my Resume?


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    That is not true. They are separate certifications covering separate bodies of knowledge, and are tested and provided separately. Passing Security+ will renew an existing A+ or Net+ certification under the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) model, but it will not award those certifications.
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    :D What planet does your friend reside on?

    The Sec+ A+ and Net+ are different. Getting the Sec+ does not give you anything but the Sec+.

    If he has all 3 and got his Sec+ it renewed his A+ and Net+

    If he just has the Sec+ and nothing else.... then I dont know what to say.....
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    OP, you need new friends who know what they are talking about.
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    Yeah.... that's what I thought. I strongly believe, without asking him yet, that he renewed his other 2 certs. He probably didn't know CompTIA changed their format and requires re-cert every 3 years. Still, I was hopeful that there was something I didn't know about the cert process that would of made my life easier (one test instead of 3).
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