Passed CEH 5/16

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Hi All,

Finally passed the CEH exam after many months of studying. Was planning on taking the test in February, but after learning about the new material on the exam, I decided to postpone the test until May.

Here is what I studied with:

Matt Walker All-in-one Guide
Matt Walker practice tests
Official CEH PDF Modules (Aspen)
Official CEH iLabs
Cybrary Ethical Hacker videos
Boson practice tests
Transcender practice tests

I found it very helpful to take all of the 500 Boson questions, 245 Transcender questions, and 150 Matt Walker questions. I also researched each answer in the question to help get an understanding of all of the topics. This was beneficial on the exam, as even when I didn't definitively know the right answer, I could eliminate 2 of the choices right away.

Personally, I did not find the CEH PDF Modules helpful at all. Too much unnecessary information on it in my opinion. The same with the iLabs. I ended up installing Kali Linux on a VM to help learn some of the tools tested in the exams.

Lastly, the Matt Walker book was invaluable in terms of preparing for the exam itself. If you read that back to front you'll have a very good understanding of the bulk of the exam. Thanks to those on the forum who posted study tips and the type of questions you were seeing on the exam.

Now to decide what certification to pursue next..


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