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Has anyone here worked overseas for a Defense Contractor doing IT and is willing to share their experience with me?

I'm interested in heading this route and have found a few openings that seem interesting, but scouring the internet doesn't really tell me what I'm jumping into.

Specifically, there's a role with GDIT that seems to be an IAT Level I position because the requirements and job duties are very entry-level. The only two things I'm worried about are obtaining a security clearance and not knowing what OS cert I'd need, because apparently you need a cert for the type of computing environment (Microsoft, Linux, etc.) you're in too.

Not sure if it'd be relevant/ok post the uhh.. posting.


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    If it is a goverment job you will need DoD Directive 8570.1
    That will tell you what certifications you will need, most of what I saw when I was active duty was windows and very few unix boxes

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    You will need to satisfy two types of certification: Baseline and Computing Environment.
    Baseline- A+,Net+, Security+, CASP, CISSP. I highly recommend taking Security+ just to be in the safe side. (I have 2 people I work with that was hired with A+ and now scrambling around because the "Customer" wants Security+ as a minimum.

    Computing Environments - Suggest taking Windows 7 MCITP (680+685 or 686), Server+ (Suggest taking it before Windows 7, easy test). I took Windows MTA exam (I am not sure if it still qualifies as a Computing Environment cert) to get hired and get a CRC date to work overseas.

    Perks for DOD Contracting - Tax free upto $101k, free housing and maybe food.


    If you have never been in the military or worked in a harsh living condition, be in for a VERY VERY VERY big surprise. Depending on what jobs you apply to overseas, your living conditions may be having 1 roommate if your lucky and having wall lockers to create a sense of privacy. You may be confined to staying on best.

    On the bright side, there are plenty of places such as countries in the EU that have plenty of contracting jobs and much better living conditions BUT just don't have that tax free perks.
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    Revned, there's actually a position near here for I assume the Air Reserve Base where they want at minimum anything from IAT I like A+ or Net+ and for CE they want at minimum any MTA. So I guess the MTA counts. For some postings though, they don't mention anything for IAT or CE, which is weird. According to Microsoft most MCITP certs have retired on July 31, 2014. The next logical step from MTA would be I guess MCSA Server 2012 or something, but it does take 3 tests.

    As for harsh living conditions, I wasn't really looking at hazard/combat zones. What I had in mind were places like Europe (Germany) and Asia (Korea) because I'd like to experience those countries, even if I am stuck on base. Free housing and possibly food overseas is great, even if I don't get tax benefits.
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    For the GDIT jobs, a lot of them list security clearances, do you have to have that already or will they sponsor you? It's not very clear to me on the job listings. Anyone know?
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    Even though I stated General Dynamics in particular, I'd like to obtain additional input from those of you who have dealt with or know someone that has dealt with contractors like GDIT in general. I mentioned GDIT because their requirements seem more holistic. For example, if the job lists an Associate's degree as a requirement, you can instead have some equal combination of education/experience/certification/training, at least in theory. I have no idea what HR thinks is "equal".

    If it helps, I'll post the duties of the position here. This seems like a really basic position at the IAT 1 level, but maybe I'm wrong.
    Provides installation, maintenance and troubleshooting support of information systems applications and related peripheral hardware.

    1. Monitors and responds to hardware and software problems utilizing a variety of hardware and software testing tools and techniques.
    2. Installs and configures applications software and related hardware (such as desktops, servers, and related peripherals like printers, scanners, drives, monitors and video teleconferencing hardware).
    3. Provides software and system troubleshooting and support.
    4. Provides technical support and training to end-users.
    5. Maintains current knowledge of relevant technology as assigned.
    6. Participates in special projects as required.

    Associates Degree in a related technical discipline, or the equivalent combination of education, technical certifications or training, or work experience.

    1-3 years of directly related experience supporting information systems operations.

    Typical duties include:
    • Creating, modifying and deleting user accounts
    • Monitoring systems security and responding to security incidents
    • Participating in security systems testing
    • Ensuring integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data
    • Preventing and detecting intrusion

    The job responsibilities at the top look to me like basic tier 1 helpdesk duties. The duties at the bottom are a little more complex and possibly implies a Sec+, which I'm getting anyways. What are your thoughts on this, fellow techexaminers? If you're wondering, there's the same position for multiple countries listed, both in the U.S. and abroad in relatively "safe" places like Qatar.
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    Its the same as every other company. Don't put too much thought into it. Just apply. And prepare to wait.
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    It would be fun to relocate to Qatar with family.  If i'm making 160K  in Texas   can't see going on a 1 year  contact. 

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