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Attempted N+ today. Score was 670/900 icon_cry.gif Was preparing for 2 months. Might reappear next week


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    Don't give up you'll get it next time!! icon_thumright.gif

    I would just review your weak areas and go attack it again
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    Close, but just try again.

    Keep in mind, the exam is geared toward a candidate WITH experience, so if you are merely studying texts, then you may need to give yourself more time or change up your study methods a bit.

    What books did you use to prepare? How much experience do you currently have?
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    Something really needs to happen with this test and Comptia. The test is now geared towards a candidate that should have experience. I know it is recommended that 9 months experience and/or A+, but this test IS NOT an entry level test anymore. I've been preparing for it again since failing it in December. Using these concepts are not a requirement to perform my job and are not practical for what I do, but Ricoh now has it as a requirement. Canon, Sharp and other companies that traditionally have been Printer/Fax/Copier (MFD) companies now desire to be "services led" and are now requiring the techs have these Comptia certs. Sad thing is, all these mentioned companies have a rep on the Comptia committee that creates this test. Come on Comptia, lighten up a little on this test. I'm understanding it has about a 25% first time pass rate. Something has to be done. I took it back in 2012 (N10-004) after studying for a week. Passed it fairly easy. Was it too easy then? Probably so Now people are spending 2-3-4 months studying for this test and failing. Interestingly, most passing scores on this test are in the 740-780 range, for lots of folks with experience already. Not great scores, although passing. This should speak volumes to Comptia about the difficulty.

    Since December, have read M Myers all in one Networking for N10-006 twice (get over 90% on his test material), Pearson Vue simulators and test material, 90% or better on all 22 Examcompass tests, and now going through Prof. Messor's videos and have purchased his course notes. Should this be enough? I hope so. Will try it again next month. I guess you can't be prepared enough for this test.
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    Ever since this exam's inception, (A+ too) the exam has been geared toward candidates WITH experience.

    The flaw is not with Comptia, but the past decade or more of up and coming techs who feel they can sit down, read a book, pass a test and land a great job.

    IT (and just about every other profession) takes work! Dedication, study, and flat out putting time in and working. The certs merely provide a baseline of a candidates applicable knowledge.

    However we are not debating Comptia testing in this thread. If you wish to further discuss, PM me.
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    I have learned that study habits don't make up for experience. You can study and still not pass. Granted you have people with no experience passing Sec+ and A+ and Net+. But CompTia recommends people that have some experience sit for the exam.


    Everyone fails a test now and again.... just take another crack at it. Also professor messer has great Net+ videos!
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    Don't feel bad - I've failed quite a few tests in my certification career. But what counts is I went back and rescheduled each test right afterwards and owned it. It sucks to get the score printout without "SUCCESS" written on it, but you will get it next time and be stronger for it!
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    Indeed the CompTIA tests have become diverse and rightfully so. If you know your stuff you will pass, everything is a learning experience, you fail once and pass the next time. It is perseverance and determination that makes the man.
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    A co-worker a mine took the Net+ and failed 3 times. They are studying for a 4th time as we speak and was supposed to schedule the test at the end about 2 weeks ago. I don't know the outcome of their success. I'll find out at the next meeting.
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    Keep trying based on the score you aren't that far away. I you will ace the next attempt.icon_thumright.gif
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    Keep your head up! Review those objectives you got wrong that were listed on your printout, and then get back in there and rock the **** out of it! You aren't far at all.
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    I wouldn't feel bad at all.

    If you notice, the majority of people that pass, don't pass by a huge margin (myself included).
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    i just took the exam on the 18th and like you studied for about a little over 2 months and i failed with a 700, i'll take it again june 9th and hopefully i'll pass this time around i fill prepared and so should you next time you take the exam make sure you are confident in your preparation and the time you dedicated to the exam. good luck man i know you got this
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    I reappeared for the exam today and passed with a score of 746/900. icon_cheers.gif I am just glad that its over :)
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    I failed the exam with a 700. It will get better later on. I've went through Professor Messer's video series, and they helped clarify some of the more difficult objectives. Microsoft Virtual Academy has a Networking Fundamentals course that you can take for free. The course is only about five hours long including the questions at the end of every lesson and adds additional clarification. I've also used a textbook to study for the exam, and have been studying for about five months now. Don't feel too discouraged if you fail once or even twice. Just change the way you study and find something that helps you understand the various exam objectives.
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