Does anybody have a copy of the N10-006 Objectives in a simple format?

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I'm not particularly fond of how the new Objectives are laid out, and I know they used to be laid out in a much plainer fashion in older versions.

Does anybody still have a copy of the old N10-006 Objectives list?

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    What do you consider 'simple'?

    From as long as I recall, the objectives are simply of list of bullet points one needs to be familiar with to pass the exam. Always have been broken down into topic categories 1.1, 1.2, 2.1,2.2, 2.3 etc... and a list of terms/acronyms if appropriate.

    Also, the major publishers include some format of the objectives either in a list or as chapter headings in their texts.

    Okay, just looked at them, they currently are a list, but they list is grouped under the headings in columns to save some space I expect. I'd recommend taking the PDF copy the text and dumping into a spreadsheet or such to manipulate it into a format that fits your needs. So, I can only guess that is what is concerning for you, but the objectives remain listed out, just not in one long list unless you make is so. The current look is a little easier to read, but I could do without all the extra colors on the page myself. Mostly, I'd cut=and=paste the text into something I wanted to work with.

    or try (wayback machine)
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    Just to clear up any confusion, here is a link to the A+ 802 objectives

    I'm sure there used to be an Objectives list for the N10-006 set out in this particular fashion.
    If nobody has it to hand, that's not a problem. I'll most likely be moving this information into Excel anyway and creating my own checklist.
    What don't you like about the new format? It's just a checklist at the end of the day. Personally I find it easier to use than the old one.
    I think I just prefer the simplicity of the old Objectives list. I can always create my own, if it isn't available any longer.

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    N10-006 Exam Objectives.pdf
    Ask and you shall receive. I much prefer this old way as well.
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    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

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    MSCA: Server 2016 - 70-710 70-711 70-712
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