What is your favorite flashcard system?

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2 weeks before the exam, I finally decided to do flashcards!
I just started to use BrainScape after reading it here from someone that just passed the exam.
Basically, all (conceptual) failed questions from CCCure/Sybex, etc I will create an associated card. There is a rating system where you can say how much you understand the concept or not, so it will keep show it to you, or not.

What is your favorite Flashcard system, is it working for you?


  • ZzBloopzZZzBloopzZ Member Posts: 192
    I just write things on a paper, draw a line down the middle and answers on the right. Then I cover up one side and try to find answer for other side and vice versa. After going up and down the list within 3-5 times I fully remember it thankfully. Not exactly flash card but works for me and minimum time wasted.

    Also, there is this thing called, I do not know the exact terminology but something like "Instinctive Memory". It is where you find answers deep from your sub conscious. Often times on exams I just "know" the answer but if you paid me a million dollars I may not always be able to tell you why that is the answer. It is simply like a "feeling". Anyways, point of this is to trust yourself. During my practice tests on CCCure/Sybex I took note questions where I changed the answer by following the logical/concious mind over the instinct and 85-90% of the time it made the answer wrong when I did this. Thus on the real exam I am going to just keep the answer unless I KNOW 100% the correct answer.
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    I like your style, ZzBloopzZ!
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    Flash! :)

    I got a little off the chain with the flash cards. I did a set of flash cards when I read the 3rd edition of the Conran book. I has my higlighter, and a marker. When I wanted to draw a flash card on something, I would write FLASH in the ledger. I divided them up by domain, and even color coded them.

    When I do practice exams, I make up flash cards of the stuff I got wrong, or was not clear on. I colored then according to domain, and added them to the collection.

    They do come in handy, but I have so many of them. Now I have a summarized smaller set of flash cards of just the stuff that I still struggle with. Subnetting is going to be on this exam, right?? Just kidding :)

    If you have only two weeks left, what I would recommend is doing what Zzbloppzz mentioned. Maybe take it a step further by reading it all aloud and recording it, so you can listen to it on the go.

    Good luck! :)
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