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Hey guys do you a now video or course I can take online to help me get familiar with help desk and it's tickecting systems I have my A+ with no hand on experience


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    Ticketing systems are all about the same, if you can use a computer and fill in fields thats most of it. To me its kinda silly that recruiters care that you have "remedy" ticketing experience when your an IT person considering your going to be helping end users with many software/hardware combos.

    But yeah, I bet youtube has videos on the topic.
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    Yeah they get fixated on really silly things like specific ticketing software, like you can't learn that in a day. You could also google for open source ticketing systems, then install it and see if you can mess around on your own. Then at least you could say, "I haven't used X but I have used Y in a home lab so I'm familiar and can pickup different ones quickly."
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    Honestly they really do not care if you know how to use them. They just ask that as a generic question, because HR people have no clue what a ticketing system is other then the name of it on a job description. The best way to learn them is on the job.
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    You bring up a good point about installing at home. Spiceworks is one I've seen companies use and its also free and has all the basics and much more.
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