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I'm wrapping up day 3 of the SANS SEC511 - Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations, for which I am facilitating as part of their Work study program. I gotta say, this class is great and out instructor is awesome. The main takeaway so far is that for me at least, outside of the good SANS stuff the instructor will take us down mental exercises with examples, specifically to illustrate practical solutions to the issues that arise in establishing a functioning SOC, such as enabling the analysts both from a technical standpoint and an operation one.

The Netwars at the end of the class are very fun, but we have a few of more managerial and less technical kind in the class so I can see some frustration out of the class. I can see why they are included though and am looking forward to the payoff on the 6th day with the actual capture/defend exercise.

It's a small event apparently, according to the staff here. The classes are only in the teens as far as student count and there's only 3 classes. So in that sense I feel lucky because it's a bit more conducive a learning environment for me and I get to hang out with the staff and bother the instructor(s) more. I'd be happy to answer any questions about the class or the Work Study program, but really I'm just posting because I'm pretty stoked to be here and am pleasantly surprised that this SANS thing is actually living up to the hype.
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