So, why did CBT Nuggets even bother to make a 210-260 Series?

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I mean.. If you are going to refer the viewer to an additional 10-15 videos, and a large portion of the source videos are sub-4 minute videos that point you to older content?

The video series is already 38 freaking videos long, and being directed to additional 10-15 videos which are 45+ minutes long?


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    I'm not exactly sure what the complaint is here. Too many videos? Too long in total length? There's a lot to cover in this blueprint, I certainly can't blame CBT Nuggets for that fact.
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    It's a little of all the above.

    I get the distinct feeling that CBT Nuggets has no idea what the CCNA:Security test is gonna look like at any particular time, so they basically threw everything into the pot. This is partly Cisco's fault, for putting out such a poorly designed test that trainers have to throw in an extra 50% of material.

    Hopping between three different CBT Nuggets courses? Laziness on CBT Nugget's part.

    I do understand that they have already recorded the content. So, just insert the relevant videos into the CCNA:Security video list.

    Oh yeah.... People seeing a 50 video list for a CCNA level test would pretty much lose their minds.

    Well, if not that.. The re-record the content to contain what it needs to contain rather that directing the student to an additional 15 videos in other courses.

    I fully expect to look at a CBT Nuggets course, add up the hours for that course, and be able to schedule time to view accordingly. It taking an additional 5-6 hours to get through, what on the link seems to be an hour's worth of videos, is a little excessive.

    CBT Nuggets needs to make sure each course is self-contained. It is one of the more expensive study resources out there.. They can afford to re-record content as necessary.

    Currently working on: CCNA:Security
    Up next: CCNA:Voice
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