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Anyone in the infosec realm have an invite ? I was just at Nolacon this year and in one of the talks, Ninja jobs was specifically mentioned.
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    Never heard of it. Looks like a recruiter focusing on infosec spots. I know one or two generic recruiters in my area thinking of specializing in infosec. i'd be willing to look through their site and use them if i didn't have to go through extra steps. it looks like i have to go through some extra steps......
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    Looking at the wayback machine, this site started in late 2014. If you read the service agreement before you sign up, it mentions "", the website verbiage is almost exactly the same as Ninjajobs. To me it looks like a recruiting firm trying to pass itself off as a job search engine for tech jobs. Half tempted to create a fake profile, with little experience/no certs and see if they reject me. Since I'm not currently looking for employment, I have zero interest.
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    If you are talking about ive never heard of em!
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    Interesting google search... and
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