MTA 98-365 Windows Server Fundaments

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Hi Guys,

I plan to take my first Microsoft Exam! I was searching on the Microsoft website, and the infrastructure, server, and private cloud route caught my eye. I decided to start at the bottom and do the fundamentals (server, network, security, and cloud). Is there any one who also did this route and can tell me how it went? Also, how did you feel the MTA 98-365 was when you took it? I am studying for it now and it seems very easy (most likely due to my many years with IT). I am using the MVA video on the site and also some chapter questions I find online. Advice please!!!


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    I took the MTA database, web dev, software dev, server and desktop OS exams. They were straightforward exams. I would not consider the exams difficult but I would say that the official study material was a lot better than I expected. They covered a lot of ground and helped build a solid foundation.

    That said, I would not pay for those MTAs out of pocket. I would use the study material move on to the MCSA if you are paying out of pocket - you'll see a far better ROI with MCSA on your resume versus MTA. The reason for this is that the MTA exams cost the same as an MCSA exam - $150.

    If you have never attempted a cert exam before, you might try one MTA just to get your feet wet.
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    Thanks! I feel like the videos are helping a lot as well. I hear that the questions on certiport are also a good indicator as well
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    I was brand new to IT last year. I studied for like a week and took three in the same week. I passed all three, so MTAs IMO are super easy. I have Server, Network, Security, OS, and Cloud. I want database and probably should take it.
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    Pay careful attention when doing the MTAs to note any "additional" or "recommended" materials that gets mentioned in the Microsoft Press books or on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. In the two I've taken so far, I've had about 8 to 10 questions per test that were pulled from these resources. They won't be particularly difficult if you have prepared well, but if you didn't look over the additional materials you will feel a bit blind sided.

    I realize it's not blindsiding if Microsoft mentions it, but I'd think everything you possibly need to know for an exam should be covered in the official Microsoft Press book...otherwise why even publish it?
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    Currently studying for the 98-366 last mta I did was 98-349 which was simple enough, I am finding studying for the 366 quite challenging The exam objective make the test seem difficult not sure how deep the exam really goes tbh I want to get this done ASAP so I can move onto the 365 before it is retired in july and I think it will be difficult tbh after that Im getting the cloud and secuirty then done with MTAs and will move on. Only getting them because they offer the basic which I need to learn and the exam is a goodway to test myself.
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