Made the big move from Southern California to The Netherlands



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    @masheen - I live in Hoorn which is in the North Holland province along with Amsterdam. My employer is based in Amsterdam, but during the pandemic my team was moved to the Amstelveen office. Next week I will join a team based in Utrecht, but not that it matters when working remotely lol.

    Our lives were fine in California, but my wife is a NL native and preferred raising children here which I did not object to. North Holland and SoCal are the only places we could see ourselves living because we want to be near our families. It is nice having a support system. 
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    @masheen Check out official notices of what is required to immigrate to NL in 2021. I keep hearing reports that NL doesn't want to open up until 2022 because of COVID concerns.
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    Thank you both, E Double U and JDMurray.

    The company I have the offer from would be taking care of getting there and, despite some Covid testing hoops, it still looks doable to go there in my case.
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    Sounds like an exciting opportunity. Congrats! 
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