Practice Test Scores - Sybex Mock exams, Transcender, CCCure ??

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Hi All

Looking for someone to throw some light on how their practice test scores from Transcender/ Sybex mock exams looked like. I have been doing fairly well on the CCCure tests. With transcender, I did questions for every domain, rather than taking a 250 question exam and have been scoring between 69 to 75%.

I took the first mock exam from Sybex and scored 77%. I have a PMP and 15 years of IT security experience. I know the topics well and have been studying hard. Not very happy with 77%. Those who aced the exams - will you share your scores to help me assess if I stand a chance? I Just feel like taking the exam tomorrow and be done with it.

Thank you


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    Oh !! I forgot. I have been scoring between 80 and 85% on total tester CD that came with AIO book.
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    Transcender will get u close but not a pass ... at least from my experience. I got a 695 and was scoring high 90's on their practice tests before I sat for the exam. Just got the Sybex stuff but havent dove in yet. You have much more experience than I do tho. I have 4.5 yrs exp. That should make a big difference from what i have been told.
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    Hi Mailtoprithi,

    I'Ve done 125 questions x domains in CCCure, hitting 83-87% on each domain. Last exam I took I had 75%, but it was a bit while ago now, and same with Sybex simulation exam, 76%.

    I have seen some people passing the exam but having 75% as a score, really depends how much you understand the concepts, focusing on the tests and questions is maybe not the only key to succeed. Many people reported that reading more, or watching more video would be more useful than practicing too many questions, because they are so different from the real test anyways.

    I don't know transcender, but I think AIO is easier overall, CCCure is a bit easier to me and Sybex a bit more difficult, but not everybody will agree.
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    I just took and passed my CISSP exam on the first attempt (I'll do a passed thread soon). I only utilized two sources of exams that being the end of the chapter and final quiz in the Eric Conrad 3rd edition book and all of the Chapter quizzes on the Sybex book as well as the 4 practice exam on their website. Rest assured that if you can answer the questions in both of those(I was honestly scoring low to mid 70s with Sybex) you should be pretty well rounded for the exam. Don't waste your time memorizing the intricate details (it's been said time and time again and none of us listen including me). This is truly much more managerial and problem solving (the problem being the complicated wording sometimes clearly written by a non-native English speaker. Drill the words senior management approval and due to regulation in your mind! That being said you will need some technical knowledge but if you've truly been working in the field it will come native to you (particularly if you have worked in government, health or financial settings and know that everything is about dealing with regulation. I was going to buy CCCure and Transcender but after doing some of there practice questions I could already tell it was way too technical.
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