Pass CWTS pwo-071

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Hi all, I passed CWTS pwo-071 on Saturday. This test is prepared for CWNA-106. The test was fair with multiple choice and fill in blank. I can tell easier than Net+. It took me 5 month plus to finish because I only have 6 hours a week in separate days. If you read the book well and do practice will be enough to pass. Resource: I used cwts official book and bought practice test on CWNP official website. Next test is CWNA-106 maybe will take me longer to finish :) but I will try. Feel free to ask me some questions if these questions not against the rule of CWNP I would glad to share. Thank you for all TE folks that posted all great tips and advices that I helped me collected in mind and learned from them everyday.


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    Congrats. I've just started my 106 study as well.
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    Taking the CWTS in a few days, barely scraping by. I've taken Net+ and got through that. I just can't seem to be able to deduce the correct answer some times. Any hints on how to polish up? I bought the official Sybex study book, taking the practice exams..are those more difficult or less than the real exam?
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    Congratulations! What made you want to take this certification? Was it a work requirement?
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    Underrated certification.

    Actually talked my friend into taking it, he's been in IT for 20 years telecommuncations/wireless technologies to give the CWTS a go. He finally started studying.

    Sorry to hijack just got excited, awesome work!
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    I'm currently studying for CWNA. I read the Sybex CWTS book and watched the old CWTS training videos on CBTNuggets for basic knowledge. Currently watching the Jerome Henry video on Safari Books Online. I will then study the Sybex CWNA study guide, and hopefully that will be enough to pass the exam.
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    Just passed my CWTS exam with an 82% yesterday. Thought it was fairly straight forward. Looking to move into the CWNA, can anyone recommend a good study guide for that exam and compare it in scope and difficulty to the CWTS?
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    I think you all are very smart focusing on this technology. I hope you all take it to the CWNP level! :)
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    @parttimetechie, congrats and you can use official Cwna study guide book, cbt nugget by Jerome Henry video and watch you tube video by CWNP, do some research and also go to website to buy software Wifisurveyor to test and learn how spectrum and wifi analyzer work, however this software needs a hardware like a rf-explorer handheld spectrum analyzer with this you can buy on Amazon or eBay . Price about $110 - $350 depends on what model you like. 2.4ghz or 5.00ghz or combo, etc.
    @certifimonkey, i love to go with wireless stuff. I was on ccna for a while but now I was changed my mind to wireless CWNP certs.
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    Congrats on the pass!

    I've had the Sybex CWTS Official Study Guide 2nd Edition sitting on my desk for over a year now.

    Never cracked it open.

    I got diverted by work to get the GCIH cert. So now thinking about CWTS again.
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