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Does anyone have any familiarity with Looking Glass web sites? I do a lot of ping tests and traceroutes when I come across speed issues that I'm trying to troubleshoot in a network. I know that traceroute is only going to give you info for the forward path. By just using my laptop is there a way to test the reverse path? I took a look at some Looking Glass website and Looking Glass servers but I think you need to have the Looking-Glass software installed on your machine. Does anyone know of a similar took or have any suggestions to troubleshoot both the forward path and reverse path a packet is traveling?


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    You don't need any special software to use any looking glass that I know of. Lot's have web front ends, but I prefer the ones with CLI access.
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    As far as I know, getting a reverse path traceroute will require access to the remote host. I am unaware of doing it any other way. Most ISP's looking glass only allows you to use ping/traceroute utilities from some of their equipment in various geographic locations and this will not allow you to obtain a full reverse path. It may help if looking glass equipment is from a close geographic location from the remote host or if the particular equipment is one of the hops.

    Also, MTRs or pathping (on Windows machines) will be much more useful than a traceroute when troubleshooting routing or path issues.
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    About 90% of the time I can find a route server within a few hops of any of my customers in the US. Just do a search for route server (ISP name) or looking glass (ISP name).

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