70-797 Configuring Windows Devices Exam - Take the Performance Based Testing Version

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We are looking for a few good people interested in taking 697 to help us evaluate the quality of our performance based testing (PBT) platform through online proctoring. Are you interested in demonstrating your skills related to Configuring Windows Devices in a new (and FUN!) way? Do you want to help us make improvements in the way we validate skills in general? Well, look no further... your opportunity is now!
Here's the deal...
  • The PBT version of 697 has a different exam number: 797, so this the exam for which you will need to register.
  • Both exams measure the same skills so preparing for 697 should prepare you for 797: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-797.aspx
  • We want to ensure that we can deliver PBT through online proctoring, so you must be sure that your computer and testing space meets the requirements for OP delivery. Learn more here.
  • You can receive a 50% discount by using this voucher code: trypbt
  • The voucher is capped at 150, but you can still take this version of the exam if you want! You will just need to pay full price... but to experience the labs, it is totally worth it!
  • You must take the exam before June 30, 2016.
  • If you pass 797, it will count as credit towards the same certification requirements as 697.
  • This exam contains traditional Microsoft certification question types as well a section with a list of tasks that you must complete via virtual machines.
Interested? If so, go to:
1. Double check that your system meets the online proctored exam requirements.
2. Register at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-70-797.aspx by selecting Schedule an Exam. You must take the online proctored version of this exam.
3. Use Private Access Code AZLAB10-1
4. At checkout use voucher code: trypbt to receive your 50% discount.
Good luck!
Note: If you have taken and passed 70-697, you cannot take this exam as they measure the same skills and meet the same certification requirements.
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    Sadly, I write my Mobility+ exam June 14 and don't think 2 weeks will be enough time to be ready
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    Aced the Mobility+, thinking I might keep the brain going and take a run at this. Anyone else try it? I just checked, the codes are still valid, which is funny.. there are 150 spots, and the 350 free 70-698 spots went in half a day
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    I took it today. I didn't care for it. I felt the Labs were not very straight forward and not really fair. I took the Microsoft MOC training class and it is similar to that setup but with the MOC there is a bar at the top where you pick your VM. The exam did not have the bar but still required that you jump from LON-CL1 to LON-DC1. With the MOC training you would select the dropdown and choose your VM. No dropdown in the VM. The best I could come up with is I used RDP to get to LON-DC1.

    I did fail but not by much - got a 606, needed 700. I didn't get a lot of time to study and was very distracted. I'm On-Call at my job and my phone went off three times. I didn't answer it but rushed to get done.

    I bought one of the vouchers with the 4 retakes so I'll try it again in a few days.
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    Good luck!
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