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Hey guys and gals,

where can i get some network monitoring training. I have not seen any courses say in wire shark and network monitoring and the sort. I am a network engineer and I do basic bench marking but I want a course of books or video training in networking monitoring skills is there such a thing or do you just learn over the years working with all this stuff like WAN optimizer, load balancers etc..?


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    Network monitoring depends heavily on the tools that an enterprise deploys.
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    You could get the Wireshark books. I think the typical group of books people recommend are:

    -Wireshark Network Analysis, 2nd Edition by Laura Chappel
    -Wireshark 101 by Laura Chappel
    -Wireshark Troubleshooting by Laura Chappel (can't recall the exact titles...just do a search on Amazon, they are typically bunched together in suggestions etc)

    There is a Wireshark book by No Starch Press that has gotten good reviews.

    As for videos, there is a Chappel University ultimate library. It looks a bit dated (circa 2005 maybe), but it's 6 DVDs that teach a lot. There is a Wireshark University 4 DVD set as well. Need to buckle down and start studying those since I'm taking the WCNA sometime this summer, lol. Additionally, there are Wireshark courses all over the place...INE, CBTNuggets, ITProTV all have them, and assorted courses on Udemy.
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    There's a lot out there for Wireshark (books and CBT), and you might get lucky searching Udemy and YouTube for general/product specific CBT.
    A lot really comes down to hands on experience. Classroom training doesn't always cut it, especially if seeing the product for the first time, no matter how great it is. We recently installed Gigamon and had a 2 day "training session" which was a waste of was stacked with the implementation team who'd been using it daily for 6 weeks, and the ops team who were seeing it for the first time. Same with Riverbed last year...

    As we are all on a budget, look for freeware/limited license alternatives to commercial product that will run as VMs...or if you use a particular product at work, try hitting up the supplier for a Not For Resale license (you might get lucky) might not know the specific product, but you'll learn the concepts...
    • for WAN optimisation look at WANOS VM (free) or EoL/entry-level Riverbed (2 x Steelhead 250, $120)
    • for load balancers look at F5 LineRate VM (free) or F5 Lab License ($100)
    • for security gateways look at Sophos UTM Home or CacheGuard
    • for log analysis look at Splunk (with apps) or ELK (free)
    • for network monitoring look at Naigos/Cacti, Zennos, name a few
    And if you can spare the funds (think of it as an investment in YOU), set up your home as if it were a branch office...router, firewall, switch, ESXi (get a desktop equivalent of a server [eg: Dell T5500]), VoIP, monitoring, logging, DNS, storage, WSUS...just add to components as needed

    Just a few thoughts...icon_lol.gif
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