Good motivations and strategies to stay on target?

bluejellorabbitbluejellorabbit Posts: 43Member ■■□□□□□□□□
"Just do it" -Nike

"Get 'er done" -Some redneck

I'm familiar with those, but if anyone has any personal strategies they use to help keep themselves on track, I'd be open to hear them.

I'm struggling with ICND2 studying, simply because I'm not that interested in the material. I mostly want to focus on wireless tech, but I'm trying to knock out the CCNA R&S first as everyone says it's good foundational learning. I'm trying to look at things in a positive light: STP, first hop redundancy protocols, etc. are interesting to me on a surface level, and certainly important for how networks operate. But I feel like I'm mowing a large lawn with scissors some days.


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