WGU Credit transfers

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So i have read mixed reviews and i have heard mix reviews. I currently have an associates degree its in General studies. I also have Sec+, A+, ITIL and CISSP what will do you think my transfer credit coming in will look like. I have seen with Transfer eval paper and it says AA will knock out most the classes what are your guys experiences
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    Set up a phone meeting with a recruiter but from the looks of it depending on what you go for you should be maybe over 50% to 60% done.
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    It will depend on the track you take. The A+ I believe is 2 courses in any IT track. The Sec+ I know is in the security track and is 1 course. The rest you just have to apply and submit your previous courses for consideration. Most people with an AA have all of the basic/gen ed classes knock out.
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