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I've been working as a tech support for 3 years now, TSM tech support engineer at IBM being the latest and present.
Since a year before graduation, I've been wanting to be a Network Engineer. I am CCNA, CCNA DC, CCNP, CCIE DC(written), VMWare VCA-DCV, and EMC ISM certified. For the past three years I wasn't lucky enough to find a Network Engineer job, until last week. I received a job offer from the top Cisco partner in Egypt as a Junior Network engineer with half the salary I'm making now.
The Salary they offered would barely make me survive the month. I HATE HATE HATE my current job as a tech support, I feel it's going nowhere and I've been trying to escape since day 1. Taking in consideration that I'm in love with cisco networking and networks in general, do you advise me to switch(knowing that the salary they offered is very bad)? I want to become a CCIE with all my heart and the only way is to gain hands-on experience with cisco networking, which they will offer intensely. Say, after a year I do achieve the CCIE, would it be financially worth it then? i.e, would being a CCIE then get me a respectable salary?


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    Half the current salary is a hard pill to swallow. Is the market over there slow? Is this why you haven't been able to land anything?
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    The reason is, I must admit is that I started at wrong job. And that I've been trying to move internally in the companies I worked for. (Vodafone and IBM) but my managers don't approve internal transfers.
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    I would say go for it only if you know you can survive the salary cut. Gain that experience and don't ever stay in an environment to long and not gain knowledge on technology you want to work with.
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    Half the salary you are making now vs you really hate what you are doing now. Hmm...Accept the job, learn and then get out.
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