NEW Retirement Date for the Windows 8 MCSA! - 31st December 2016!

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Hello Everyone,

I just thought Id make you aware that the retirement dates for this course have changed once again. After speaking to somebody from Microsoft on their website, I have been informed that we now have until the 31st of December 2016 due to the delay in producing the Windows 10 MCSA. I was given a link which led to Microsoft’s website which seems to confirm this so I’m pretty confident that this is the case.

I don’t know when they decided on this but I don’t feel like they made everybody aware of this ( I certainly didn’t know!) so I figured I’d let you all know before you start throwing money at the screen trying to get it done quickly. We now have more time to play with so lets take advantage.

Best of luck guys!


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    Yeah, I just saw that today when I was rechecking the expiration dates on their exams. It's good news, since it means I can put off the Windows 8 MCSA for a little while longer, while I focus on other things. The Windows 10 MCSA upgrade still seems to be one exam. It's not clear yet whether the 2nd Windows 10 exam is actually active or not.

    They've also announced retirement dates for the Windows Server 2008 exams (July 2017).
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    This is great news. I am in final preparations for the 70-697 exam which I am taking next week. I had twice booked the 70-688 exam then cancelled and decided to do Windows 7 70-680. I've actually purchased the Transcender for 70-688 but decided not to pursue it. As there is still no training material out for 70-698 I thought I'd have to wait a few months before trying to get Windows 10 MCSA but now I can take 70-688. I hope it doesn't matter what order I take the exams. If I pass the first Windows 10 exam then pass the second Windows 8 exam would that mean I am MCSA in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or just Windows 10 ? I think an email to Microsoft is in order.....
  • culpanoculpano Member Posts: 163
    Just had a reply from Microsoft to say 70-687 + 70-688 still gets Windows 8 MCSA. I've also been told that upgrading from Windows 8 MCSA to Windows 10 MCSA with the 70-697 does not apply.

    So I've just been back to the MS Learning wesbsite to confirm the latest info...

    One page says MCSA Windows 8 retires end July 2016.
    Another page says MCSA Windows 8 retires end Dec 2016.
    Another page says MCSA Windows 8 can be upgraded to Windows 10 with exam 70-697.

    Add to this the constantly changing dates for retirements and it's a mess of confusion.
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    Hmm. On Microsoft's certification page it says December 2016. I am in the middle of studying for 70-697, but I have all sorts of material for 70-687 and 688. Decisions, decisions....
  • culpanoculpano Member Posts: 163
    I emailed Microsoft and they say the MCSA 8 is definitely still live until Dec 2016 and also the Windows 8 MCSA to Windows 10 MCSA upgrade path via 70-697. I've just passed that one and I am now going to do 70-688. I have checked on my MS transcript and it shows MCSA path for Windows 10 and the missing cert shown as 70-688. I want an official written confirmation off them though that the upgrade applies as I am about to spend another $200 on the exam and another month or two of CBT Nuggets subscription.
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