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I wanted to know if anyone has tips on studying using the professor messer vids and a book . I have the exam cram book . Did you watch the video thrn Read the book or vice versa . I'm taking Cornell notes and making flash cards did anyone else do similar or the same ?


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    I think everyone studies differently and you will have to figure out what works for you.

    For the A+ I used the Mike Meyer's all in one book. I read it cover to cover (yep, all 1200 pages) and highlighted anything I thought I needed to remember. Based on my highlights I made flash cards out of everything number related or anything quick and simple. Any highlighted material that I made a flashcard out of I put a mark next to so I knew I didn't have to study that, because it was now on a flashcard.

    I broke the book down into five sections and I would study a single section per day worth of highlights with its corresponding flashcards. Eventually I used another highlighter color to just mark areas that I had a difficult time remembering / understanding and just studied those. Also at that point I compiled all my flash cards in three decks: easy, medium and hard (eventually it was just a large easy deck and small hard deck). About a week after that I took the exam (both exams) and passed with ease, actually over studied. Spent 6 weeks in total from start to finish. Note that I was laid off at the time so I had plenty of time to study. HTH
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    I read the book 4 to 7 times. It got to the point where I just knew what the sections were talking about. For the sections that I was weak on, I would read those sections and then read that chapter again. Then I went on to reciting to myself the information and trying to break it down in non-IT explanation.

    For almost all of the certifications that I've done, I've just did what I wrote above unless I can lab stuff out. I'll stop reading and start labbing stuff out more until I start to forget what I've read, then I'll read the material again until I can remember it.
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    Thanks for the input guys
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