Tech test answers all wrong?

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Just done a tech test as part of the pre-interview stage for a company I'd like to work for, and I think one of the questions had no valid answers. I'm no good with scripting (which is a real handicap), and I've not used Exchange for over 8 years so I was only guessing at the answers, but afterwards I watched two different video tutorials on YouTube and checked Technet and I can't see that any of the available options are right.

I'm sure just like the other forums I'm more active on there must be some gurus here that can confirm if I'm right.

Q: You a working as a Microsoft Exchange 2010 administrator in a company. You want to create a public folder named 'Sales' to be used in the 'EX03' Exchange Server. Which of the following commands should you use?

1. New-PublicFolder -Identity "\Sales" -Server "EX03"
2. New-PublicFolder -Create "\Sales" -Server "EX03"
3. New-PublicFolder -Recurse "\Sales" -Server "EX03"
4. Add-PublicFolder -Identity "\Sales" - Exchange Server "EX03"
5. I don't know.

Now according to my research New-PublicFolder must always include -Name which isn't one of the available options. So would any of these work, or am I correct?


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