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Good Afternoon TE,

Here's my ICND1 writeup.

Passed with a 935/1000. I felt over-prepared, honestly. I was ready to go in there, take a switch or router from nothing to full configuration (i.e. interfaces configured, static routes added, OSPF, NAT, DHCP, port security on switches etc) and it was significantly less than I was expecting. I'd been studying for about 3 months, usually 1-2 hours a night on weekdays,and up to 4 hours on weekends.

As far as what was on the test, I would echo what others before me have said; be able to subnet quickly. Definitely be able to interpret configs and command outputs. Traffic flow. I dont want to break NDA, so I think that's enough, and I can dial that back if needed. One thing I will say, is that some areas received much less attention than I had expected, or none at all.

Resources Used were an interesting mish mash, because I had been piddling with this cert for around 2 years, and finally just got around to knuckling down and "doing" it.


-Wendell Odom book (Good for the dirty details, but dryer than the Sahara Desert)
-Todd Lammle Review Guide (Good for laughs and last minute review)


-TestOut CCNA course (received voucher from community college, got it for $60ish, regular its more)
-Packet Tracer (Had labs from Cisco Networking Academy comm college course)
-Boson Labsim


-Boson Practice Exams -Note: These, in my opinion, were harder than the real thing, and were great as additional study motivation and learning tools.
-Practice Exams that came with the Odom Book

Thanks again TE,

Look for an ICND2 pass in a few months! :D



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    Congrats. I'll be taking the ICND1 soon too, so thanks for the tips.
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    Congrats! Thanks for the write-up.
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    Congrats! I'm taking mine in a week and have also been using the Boson practice tests. I've been able to pass all three of the preset exams so hopefully I'm ready!
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    Congratulations on the pass. Good luck on ICND2
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    Certs Gained 2018: CCENT ,210-255 ( Cyber Security Operations)
    Upcoming: ICND2, CTT, 210-250 (Cyber Security Fundamentals)

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    Shaun, I was hitting around 800 on all three and randomly created ones, as long as your in that range I think you will be just fine.
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    Congrats. I just picked up the new 3.0 (C)2016 ICND1 book today and couldn't be more excited at the new errata updated print + added changes, so your passing couldn't be timelier. The tips I found most indispensable were the urgency of mastering subnetting quickly, interpreting outputs and overall everything, even the mention that Odom was dry as the Sahara because I have been echoing that for ions but helpful in keeping your balance as one goes thru that particular book.
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    Good to know LeftYa, thank you for the feedback! I think I'll do ok. I've taken the 3 preset exams and 2 randomly generated. Scoring between 830-860 on preset, then 934 and 962 on the randoms.
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