Difference between clustering and load balancing

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[FONT=&quot]Team- Could somebody please explain the difference between clustering and load balancing? Thanks.[/FONT]


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    Clustering: 2 or more servers are in a group, but are not necessarily sharing the traffic. They can be in active-passive mode.
    If one of the cluster member goes down, another one will take up the load (either automatically or manually switched).

    Load balancing: 2 or more servers are in a group, and are actively sharing the traffic. If one of the server goes down, there will be degradation in capacity, but for end user it will remain transparent.
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    Another difference is that in clustering, the servers use the same data storage. When using load balancing, each server has to have their own copy of the data. If the data needs to be the same, then it has to be replicated.
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    Terrific! Thanks man.
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