Anyone ever work with Alcatel-Lucent switches?

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I went to an interview for a NOC operations position at a large local company yesterday, and it seemed to go well. One of the things mentioned in the interview was that as Cisco gear is replaced, they are changing to Alcatel-Lucent switches. Alcatel has their own certifications for their equipment, the most relevant to me being the NRS 1 and NRS 2.

How is the IOS on these switches? Pretty much the same as Cisco, kind of the same, or completely different? I hope they don't use those tagged/ untagged commands like HP switches do.

This will only matter if I get the job, they said I was the first of a dozen candidates for 3 spots, I should have an answer by the end of next week.


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    Tagging this thread. I'm curious about the response. Alcatel is not in the ISE compatibility matrix, but neither is Fortinet, and I've heard about both of those NADs already this morning.
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    Here is some output from an Alcatel I use on a regular basis.
    This is from an Omniswitch 6400.

    Welcome to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch 6400
    Software Version Service Release, November 08, 2011.

    ges2.gbo3> show interfaces 1/21
    Slot/Port 1/21 :
    Operational Status : up,
    Last Time Link Changed : FRI MAY 27 15:27:42 ,
    Number of Status Change: 3095,
    Type : Ethernet,
    SFP/XFP : Not Present,
    MAC address : e8:e7:32:b5:cb:a4,
    BandWidth (Megabits) : - , Duplex : -,
    Autonegotiation : 0 [ ],
    Long Frame Size(Bytes) : 9216,
    Rx :
    Bytes Received : 46332374, Unicast Frames : 203079,
    Broadcast Frames: 111449, M-cast Frames : 12654,
    UnderSize Frames: 0, OverSize Frames: 0,
    Lost Frames : 0, Error Frames : 25,
    CRC Error Frames: 25, Alignments Err : 25,
    Tx :
    Bytes Xmitted : 515792950, Unicast Frames : 7026008,
    Broadcast Frames: 175038, M-cast Frames : 25066,
    UnderSize Frames: 0, OverSize Frames: 0,
    Lost Frames : 0, Collided Frames: 0,
    Error Frames : 0

    ges2.gbo3> show mac-address-table 114
    Legend: Mac Address: * = address not valid

    Domain Vlan/SrvcId Mac Address Type Protocol Operation Interface
    VLAN 114 00:08:a2:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 00:08:a2:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 00:23:3e:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 00:a0:12:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 00:a0:12:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 00:a0:12:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2
    VLAN 114 e0:ac:f1:SNIP learned --- bridging 1/2

    Total number of Valid MAC addresses above = 7

    ges2.gbo3> show ethernet-service port 1/21
    Legend : * - ERP NNI
    Interface : 1/21,
    Port Type : UNI
    UNI Profile : level_3_default,
    Default SVLAN : 114
    Service Name : BBPN85041-220
    SVLAN : 114,
    NNI(s) : 1/2 1/3
    SAP Id : 220
    UNI(s) : 1/21,
    CVLAN(s) : all,
    SAP Profile : BBPN85041
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    Anyone else ever use these switches?
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    I had a client that had some, they worked good overall, there was one that failed and had CPU spikes but with lifetime warranty and excellent support the problem was fixed in a day.
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    fmitawaps wrote: »
    Anyone else ever use these switches?

    I supported a campus lan with of the omniswitch 6600 edge switches and 7800 cores. I actually got Alcatel certified back in the day. They run pretty well. The way spanning tree is configured is a little different and the whole working/certified config file setup is a little different. I know they were changing their cli to be more like Cisco in later generations. Pm me with specific questions.
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    I've worked with them quite a bit. Really hated the Omniswitches. Their service routers aren't bad though.
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