Thoughts on when CCNP R&S will be updated?

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to get everyone's opinion on when you all think Cisco will update this CCNP R&S path. They just updated the CCNA R&S path a few weeks ago giving people until the middle of August to pass the ICND1 as well as the composite exam and the deadline to pass ICND2 is the middle of September. I take my ICND1 exam in a few days and plan on taking the current ICND2 before the end of the summer. After that, I plan on taking the CCNP R&S sometime within the next year. But, as most of us know these exams seem to be updated every 3 years and this exam was last updated July of 2014.

So what is everyone's thoughts? Do you think it is pretty likely that Cisco will it update this exam within the next year or are the topics still pretty current and maybe the exam won't be updated as quickly as I'm thinking? I only wonder because who knows how long it will take me to study for the CCNP. It could take me 6 months or more and then at that point I might have to focus on different material and hopefully the new exams are not too drastically updated lol.


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