Appearing itil intermediate exam - how to arrange of my own ?

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Hi All

I have done a few intermediate courses ( including exams ) arranged by my current organisation but recently due to cost cutting, similar sessions & exams are not funded anymore.

Could someone please tell me what are the best ECONOMIC & EFFECIENT ways to do the intermediate trainings and certification exams of my own ?

In fact , I can do the self study or study online etc ( if that's cost effective ) and can appear for the exam. But how to set the exams of my own? If I approach some WEB PROCTOR , are they going to ask for some PRE training evidences ?

Pls guide. Thanks a lot in advance.


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    Hello csaha, the ITIL intermediate exams cannot be booked unless you have been on an approved training course and received a completion certificate. The application process for the exam requires you to submit proof of passing Foundation and the relevant intermediate course for the exam you want to take - then it takes a few days before they check this and authorise you to go ahead. Payment is only after you are approved.

    The courses tend to cost thousands of dollars for a classroom version but there are more companies doing web versions of the courses where you watch the videos, maybe answer a quiz and they track progress to make sure you have completed these.

    As for deciding what is best, I think there is little doubt the quality would be better in a classroom environment where you can ask questions and have a more interactive experience. However, the web versions can be a fraction of the price.

    I used GoGo Training (US$100 for all the intermediate track courses in a Groupon deal) but this is not on offer at this time - keep your eyes open for similar deal though as they do appear from time to time - normal price for all the courses is over $10k for web based or over $20k for classroom.

    You need to know that exams are not part of this - they cost about $300 each but can be web proctored so you can do them whenever you want so long as you have a fast internet connection (the Exin Anywhere proctored solution has tests it will run to tell you if your computer and connection are fast enough.

    I made a lot of notes when I did the Expert route last year - information is in this thread that may be useful:

    It is a challenging set of exams, not least because the material can be rather dry but also because of the amount to learn. I have found in incredibly useful and it often has led to me leading process improvement projects such as implementing change control, problem management and getting operational staff involved in the design stages because I can make a convincing arguement based on "best practice" and articulate the benefits.

    I'm now developing a successful specialisation in turning around under performing service support teams or rebuilding teams that have lost a lot of staff, and can fast track the teams to maturity in around 3 months typically. It is challenging work, incredibly rewarding to see the staff start to realise they are capable of performing well with the right framework in place, leaves the organisation in a better place and - rather importantly - pays very well.

    I would start looking for online courses on special offer, get a hold of the books and start studying. You may end up covering material for one or two exams before the next offer comes up, but that is not a bad situation to be in.

    Good luck and feel free to send me a private message if you want.
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    I agree with everything #UncleB says. I would suggest you look at ITSM Zone online training courses too. ITSM Zone is run by Claire Agutter, who is an active member of this forum, and the courses are very good.. Ideally one should also buy the core volumes to prepare for the courses, but the books are not cheap. Take a look at the ITIL Intermediate Certification Companion Study Guide ISBN 111901221X which covers all the Lifecycle exam syllabuses in one book.
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