Exam Content vs The Blueprint

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Hello everyone,

I passed my SWITCH exam and surprisingly failed ( Don't want to give details )

My question is : Why Cisco asks to "describe" a technology if it will ask a complex configuration during the exam ? Why It doesn't respect the Blueprint ?

Example : Cisco asks to "DESCRIBE" some security topics in the SWITCH exam knowing that the configuration will be asked in the security track ( Even Kevin Wallace and other instructors advice to follow the blueprint ) , and then on the exam, BAM you have a complex lab to do.

Isn't there a difference between describing & configuring a technology ?

Do you find this correct and honest ( We pay 250$ for the exam ) ?

If Cisco tells something about a technology in the official certification guide, do we must to master the topic including the configuration ?

Thank you for your answers.


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    CCNP is a professional level exam, not an entry level exam. You should know how to configure everything, even if the blueprint just says describe.
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    I'm aware that this is a professional level exam, but does that mean that we have to master everything mentioned in the book ?
    Why do they ask to describe or configure if we have to master all topics ? I don't think this is a valid argument.
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