CISA exam 4 June 2016 advice

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Good day everyone.

For those writing on the 04 June 2016, can you kindly share the format and tone of the paper. I do not expect you to post questions It is just the questions have dropped from 200 to 150 and the database has not changed the format in which questions are asked. This new exam is being done for the first time and the book is the same with a few adjustments. Everyone would like to know if the format has changed to scenario and what should we focus on.

Please provide feedback from your experience as this exam is very expensive and I cannot afford to fail.

Thank you in advance.


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    I think youve answered you own question. just read the manual a few times and practice the Q&A. Aim for minimum of 80% consistently without memorising the questions and you will do fine on the real test. The hardest part i find with isacas test isnt the content but the strange way a questions asked. Its more of a English language challenge rather than auditing knowledge.
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    @dustervoice has provided very good advice. I would add that when doing QAE, read and understand explanations for the right and wrong answers. Understand the thinking behind the answers.

    FWIW, I was invited by ISACA to a one-day session to help establish passing standards for June 2016 CISA exam early this year. Meeting was to be held at New York and all travel expenses will be paid by ISACA. I did not sign up for it due to work commitments and registration was filled up within 6 hours.

    I guess they are trying to normalize CISA exam questions for more accurate representation of typical auditor roles. In any case, I do not expect much changes in the type of questions for the coming CISA exam. Maybe some focus on any recent audit trends.
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