Any advise for the 70-688 exam?

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Hi Everyone,

Trying to work when I'm going to try the 70-688 again but I have been hearing whispers from some of your posts about there being changes to Windows Intune which caused you to have trouble with the exam. Can anybody tell me what has changed in Intune and what resources I can use to Study for this?

Any other advise would be more than welcome as I'm struggling a bit. I was quite a distance away from passing this last time ( had something like 465) and it was the network/server side questions that did it for me. I don't have a job yet and my only experience has been self taught so I'm finding this a little bit hard. I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm struggling so much with this to be honest, its taken a lot of my confidence but I'm not giving up. I feel I know a lot more than I did last time but I'm too scared to book it!

Do any of you have any suggestions that could calm my nerves? I'm pretty desperate at the moment!


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    I know how you feel. I passed 680 first time and I've failed 685 4 times now, with scores in the 500s every time. I'm now of the opinion that the exam materials simply aren't enough to pass the 'PRO' exams. I'm now very much of the opinion that microsoft want you to do the 'configuring' exams first, (client AND server) and then move on to the pro exams. So, you need all of the knowledge from (in your case) 687,410,411 and then you'll be ready to move on to 688. I've been studying for 640/642 over the past couple of months and I've had so many A-ha moments in regards to things i didn't understand on the 685 exam you wouldn't believe.

    Also, I've never failed an exam up until this point. I genuinely believe the people that pass these exams with ease fall into 3 categories:

    1. They have years of IT experience
    2. They've done the server certs already
    3. They used brain ****

    There is literally no other way they could have accumulated the knowledge required to pass.
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    Best advice for the 688, don't do it. Windows 8 is a waste of time.

    Yes, Windows 8 as a product is a waste of time as no-one is using it and either sticking with Windows 7 or moving to Windows 10. However, 70-688 is NOT a waste of time. Have you seen what objectives it covers ? It's all enterprise stuff completely relevant to Windows 10 (and the other OSs post XP). It covers App-V, UE-V, Hyper-V, RemoteApp, all the MDOP enterprise tools. It also covers OS deployment, servicing WIMs, VHDs, Applocker, Direct Access and many more. So much of the core OS technologies overlap and a lot of this exam is enterprise stuff. Also if I pass this I get my Windows 10 MCSA.
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    adaliadellaadaliadella Member Posts: 10 ■□□□□□□□□□
    • Study MS Press Exam Ref 70-688
    • I also purchased and did MeasureUp Practice tests. Scored 100% multiple times.
    • Microsoft Virtual Academy Courses
    • Free 30 Trial of Microsoft Intune
    • Free Office 365 Subscription with WGU
    • Free one-month trial of Azure
    • Online Community - Born To Learn Forums, Twitter, Facebook, & Linkedin
    • Resources - TechNet, MSDN, & Bing
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