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I'm sure most of you are familiar with this helpful mnemonic to remember the OSI Model:
Please do not throw sausage pizza away (physical, data, network, transport, session, presentation, application)

Are there any that you use or have seen that help to jar your memory. Obviously we have to know these things, but sometimes a little kick start can help us.

Our instructor told us to remember that vulnerabilities cause a weakness and a good way to remember this was that two V's create a W.

Any fun ones that you use?


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    Osi Layers : All People seem to need data processing is a classic for OSI layers.

    AHIN For TCP-IP layers. Tried some combinaison : All Humans In Neetherland or Norway.
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    People don't need to see Paula Abdul.
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    Yep, good one from Kelly as well! ^^
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    I Really Don't Mind Oranges
    For CMM

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    Any trick to remember the Risk Management Process?

    1. system characterization
    2. threat identification
    3. vulnerability identification
    4. control analysis
    5. likelihood determination
    6. impact analysis
    7. risk determination
    8 control recommendations
    9 results documentation
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    I love mnemonics! Sausage pizza is my favorite. The funnier they are, the easier they are to remember.

    I kind of did a visualization memorization technique for the CC and the EALs - the way my laces tied on my sneaker:
    (first row of laces)
    First lace - Functionally
    Second lace over - Structurally

    (second row of laces)
    Third lace - Methodically tested and checked
    Fourth lace over - Methodically designed, tested and reviewed

    (third row of laces)
    Fifth lace - Semi-formally designed and tested
    Sixth lace over - Semi-formally verified designed and tested

    (last row straight across toes)
    Seventh lace - Formally Verified Design and Tested

    We'll figure one out for that Risk Management process, Seab :)
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    Incident Handling Steps:
    1. Preparation People
    2. Identification Identify
    3. Containment Containers
    4. Eradication Ending
    5. Recovery Real
    6. Lessons Learned Lives

    1. Initial Initially
    2. Acquisition/Development All
    3. Implementation/Assessment Insects
    4. Operations/Maintenance Outside
    5. Disposition Die

    P - Privacy
    A - Authentication
    I - Integrity
    N - Non-repudiation

    Leo Dregier gave me these:
    Symmetric Encryption TypesA
    ES Aaayy
    DES Dese
    3DES 3 Guys
    IDEA Had an idea
    CAST To cast out their rod
    2FISH To fish
    BLOWFISH For blowfish
    SERPENTS But instead they caught serpents
    RIJNDAEL In the rain.
    Aaayy, dese 3 guys had an idea to cast out their rod to fish for blowfish but instead they caught serpents in the rain.

    Assymmetric Encryption Types
    E El Gamal
    R RSA
    E Elliptical Curve
    K Knapsack
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