Telling Exam Guides (good) from Braindumps (bad)

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Looking at all the guides / exam questions etc available on the net im starting to wonder how to tell the braindumps from the legit guides.

Obviously I only want the legit guides / practice questions but what do you suggest to look for before handing over money and ending up with useless braindump [censored] icon_eek.gif
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    In general, you want to stay away from PDF files with questions and answers, those are almost all ****. Some of these 'companies' earned so much with selling **** in PDFs, that they could afford having a professional exam engine developed, or cbts even. They usually give pass guarantees, not to great English on their sites, really fake and lame testimonials from fake customers, and in many cases they are not ashamed about it, and flat out promote their products as actual exam questions.

    Another option is to add a new topic in our forums, without actually submitting it. If you type in the name of the site in the post, and press Preview, it will be xxxxx-ed out if it is a **** site. If it isn't xxxxx-ed out it can still be a **** site, that is not yet on our list. If all else fails, feel free to PM me.

    On a side note: our google ads are filtered to prevent over 50 **** sites from advertising here. The block list is shared with some other major cert sites as well. Most of these blocked sites sell the same products (they steal their stolen questions from eachother), and all of them are owned by just a handful of different 'individuals' (read: criminals), located primarily in Pakistan, China, India, where copyright laws do not apply, or are not enforced.
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