Help... Needing help setting up small Network for test lab.

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Does anyone have any experience joining a custom install of XP Pro to an AD domain. I have read in a couple of places that it isn't possible but the explainations were vague and no work around except for reinstal with a fix was offered. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I am studing (again) for my 290 and would like to get this to work.
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    What exactly are you referring to with "custom install"?

    Only XP Pro can join the domain.
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    I did a custom install of XP for no other reason than to have the experience (and I needed to install a SCSI driver without using the floppy). Now that I have been using this for sometime now I don't want to reinstall a new copy (standad).

    As far as what I mean... is that I created a custom installation of my real XP machine. In doing so AD will not allow it to join its network. I can kinda understand why and all because AD doesn't want "rough" elements that it can't fully maintain. But there has to be a way of getting around this short of reinstalling XP.
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    You must have done something else, cause I use customise xp builds at my work everyday and we're constantly adding pc's to the AD with no problems at all.

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    Try posting the error or exact problem you are having.
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    I think you double posted. It might take sometimes for others to respond on the weekends when we all are toasted on the bottles. :)
    I would say most businesses would use customed build images of xp. Tell us how you go about getting xp to be added to AD, and where in the stage you were having problem?
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    just make sure your "custom install" points its DNS clients to your server.
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