Why do some books talk about topics and others do not.

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I am currently studying really hard since I have failed the exam twice. Since I had foot surgery, so now is a perfect to study hard and pass this exam finally. I came across 2 books where one book talks about HIPPA, Patriot Act, and others Acts. Then Darril Gibson's book where he does not even mention anything about HIPPA or any of the Acts. So why do these publishers talk about these topics and others do not?

1.) Comptia Study Guide 6th eddition - Emmett Dulaney
2.) Get Certified Get Ahead Sec + - Darril Gibson


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    I do not know the reason they have different topics in different books. [edit] I do not believe its on the objective list for the Sec+
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    The reason is because HIPPA and other PII legislative laws aren't really mentioned as apart of the Security+ SY-401 Objectives. Darril does cover the issue of PII in which HIPPA, SOX etc all have to do with PII.
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    Did you see anything related to The Patriot Act??
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    Some authors throw some extra topics that they feel are relevant and topics they feel the user should know. Have seen it in a bunch of certification books. The author most of the time states the topic isn't going to be on the exam though...
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    Some authors are more security geeks and are writing to people who want to know as much as they can about security issues. Others are going to give you what you need to know to pass the exam. The good ones, the ones I like, will give you a good understanding of security so that you can actually help make your organization more secure and not just pass an exam.
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