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70% was passing and I wasnt even close..56%.

Figured I had failed this about 8 questions in. There were 57 questions and a 90 minute time period. The thing I really hate is I feel I could study for another month and still not be that confident based on the questions I got. I had 7 topics listed on my score sheet and my percentages ranged from 40% to 75. So even the few topics I did ok on were just barely about passing score. I used the Syngress confguring NGX book and all the pdf documents I could find on ckeckpoint's web site. Did not get any practice exams as the bosons were all I could find for the ccsa ngx and those were not very good. I had talked to someone about the ccse and he said the ccse ngx bosons were even worse. And I dont know of any others for the ccse ngx. Guess the best thing I can do is find my weak topics (almost all of them..yikes!) and do whatever I can to get a more indepth knowledge. I would love to get a copy of the accelerated ccse guide but too expensive for me. No choice now but to figure out a way to get more indepth knowledge w/o having to spend anymore (or not too much more) money.

Funny thing is I passed my ccsa ngx in mid-January and never got my paper certificate. I emailed them constantly but still never got it. Checked mail today and its there. This was the day I hoped I would not even want it since ccse covers the ccsa and ccse. Oh well, back to the drawing board.


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    Sorry to hear that, sounds like a tough one. I don't know of any other legit CCSE practice than Boson. Several known practice test providers have CCSPA and CCSA, but it seems there's not a big market for CCSE.

    Good luck on your next attempt!
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