Just two tests for MCSA Windows 10?

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    Yeppers.. Hoping the Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 10 comes out and we can use that instead of the 697, like how Windows 7 had the 680, 685 and 686 exams
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    :study: Office 365 70-347 / 698 later
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    Looking at the videos on CBT... doesn't even look like a desktop cert lol.
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    Quote from another thread:
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    The test at the time was insane IMO. It was little to nothing to do with Windows 10 like I expected. It was all about Powershell, Intune, Azure, Azure AD, Bitlocker and TPM, etc. I expected something about the OS itself, but no. Questions were extremely granular as well, (fake example question) "Using powershell what would you invoke to deploy an Intune application across the enterprise while minimizing bandwidth, select four steps and place them in the correct order".

    It's not a desktop-cert. It's about everything that's new and can be used with Win10.
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    The fact that this isn't even a desktop cert yet it is called the Windows 10 cert if my primary complaint as well. Just like the Server 2012 MCSE tests are mostly System Center tests. Microsoft needs to revamp either their naming scheme or just create new certification tests for different software
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    That is the same way MCITP and MCSA on Windows 7 were. No surprise.
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