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I need to give support to a location that is using a linksys 802.11b wireless router. They told me they do have a static IP and all the machines are running Windows XP. Can someone give me some suggestions for remote operation so that I can back files up from one pc to another, perform some basic adminstrative tasks? They do not have any modems and their phone system is PBX. They do NOT want to add modems to the machines. I need some specific help. (If you have a solution, specific instrucitons please) I do have pcanywhere 10.5 on the shelf if that is an optional solution. Anyone care to offer some advice? They are of course on a very tight budget.

Thanks for any help offered.
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    Do you really have a masters in info tech?
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    vex wrote:
    Do you really have a masters in info tech?

    Wow, some big help that was.


    Port forward the router to open up RDP on Port 3389 to the internal IP address you need to configure so you can use Remote Desktop to remotely manage the computer. As long as they are running Windows XP Pro then it should be no problem.

    The hard part will be doing the administrative tasks on one or more machines. This would be best done via VPN so you could RDP to any machine on the network once connected if RDP is enabled on those machines.

    Good luck.
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    Thank You, up to this point my clients have been locations the have always demanded on site service. I have not needed to use RDP so I thought I would ask for an opiinion from someone already experienced in that area so that i could get a heads up on anything to watch for, such as any security flaws or such with Microsoft RDP. Always best to ask if you are not sure. It's a Law Firm. So you can imagine what kind of secuity concerns I have. Thanks for the advice.
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    This is one of the reasons I was concerned about RDP.
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    I would suggest doing some research that applies directly to your vendor specific needs. For example if you have MS products research it at technet etc.

    But seriously, what do they teach in a Masters of IT if you can't either 1 find a solution to this very simple and common situation or 2 investigate youself.

    I think most people would respect it if you at least tried to research yourself instead of just asking for an answer before even trying.
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    cairtaker wrote:
    This is one of the reasons I was concerned about RDP.

    Set up a VPN (the client and server components are both built into XP/Server2K and up) using RRAS. Set up the router to allow the VPN to pass through to the server. Once the VPN is up and running, you can safely use RDP.
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