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What is everyone's opinion using TestOut as study material to pass the CompTIA network+ exam? Security+ I just read books and watched professor Messor's videos.




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    While TestOut is great, (currently using it because I'm enrolled in MCSA university courses) I wouldn't use it for such a lower level cert.
    Granted you have your Sec+, I would think it would be much easier and interesting for you if you just remained with books and Professor messer.

    I believe you can get a 7 day trial to testout. It actually is pretty all inclusive, but I would have a book too just in case.
    The way test out works at least in my class is as follows:
    1. Video Lectures <-good stuff
    2. Demonstration Videos <-great explainations and why things are done.
    3. Reading (pretty good, but a book is needed)
    4. Lab Simulations <---extremely amazing. I am surprised on how well this works. They are graded as well and you can repeat as often.
    5. End of Section quizzes. These quizzes are pretty good at enforcing what you learned. At least with MCSA, its very scenario based.
    6. Practice Exams. You get a few full length practice tests that will help you prepare. These alone are usually upwards to $100 elsewhere.
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