Passed 290 w/ 861 [exam recon inside]

colebertcolebert Member Posts: 79 ■■□□□□□□□□
(not really posting this for everyone to say "congrats," just more for people wanting info on taking it)

Exam was pretty challenging, though not as tough as I'm sure 291 will be. Had nearly 3 years of being the sole sys admin for a moderate sized domain. That helped alot.

44 questions, 4 sims. I'm in the school that the sims are beta and don't really count against you, but you can still score points from them. No hard evidence, though. Just a gut feeling since I didn't think I scored as high as I did. (25*40=1000)

But I can confirm: THE SIMS ARE REDICULOUSLY BUGGY! My test crashed 1 hour in and right after I completed a sim. I had to wait 30 minutes for Prometric to figure out what was going on and get me back in.

Lots of exhibits and little mini-sims where you have to check boxes and move things around into correct order. Those are annoying.

I won't go into what my test covered. Not because of the NDA, more because I don't want to mislead anyone about what they should be studying. There were topics that weren't even touched while others it seemed came up every 5th question. That's just luck of the draw. Be prepared for everything.


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