Are these book good enough or should I get more books....

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I was just wondering if this is a good book to use or not: CompTIA Security Deluxe Edition by David Prowse? Or what I am using is enough or not enough?

1.) Darrill Gibson's Book
2.) CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide (Exam SY0-401) by Glen E. Clarke.
3.) Another book from Sybex.

Test Preparation I am using the following: Darrill Gibson's App and eventually probably will buy his course preparations when I am almost ready to take the exam.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    You will be fine with just #1 and #2. Those are the same books that I used to pass (with an 858 score).

    I'd also suggest watching some videos like Professor Messer and using examcompass practice tests for additional questions. Also, the questions that come with the #2 book are the same questions that you get from the Security+ CertMaster from CompTIA.

    Good luck with your studies. icon_thumright.gif
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    Sounds good. I don't think you need more.
    I passed with only Darril Gibson's book, with a very high score.
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    Thanks for your suggestions...
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    I am using David Prowse's Security+ Academic Version. I also listen to Professor Messer audio tapes on my commutes, and am using the Pearson VUE Practice Test Engine (came with the DProwse book), as well as the MeasureUps. I am taking the exam on Tuesday, hopefully, I'll have some good news for everyone!

    As far as which is book is better or not, it's my opinion that it just depends on the individual. I tried using Darril Gibson's book for the MS 70-685/686 and did not like it. I have heard a lot of people using the book that has a picture of the lighthouse on the cover, and they claim it's amazing.

    Just my 2 cents, you'll do great with whichever resources you choose, I'm sure! Give it your best shot!

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