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I landed a Cyber Incident Handler position and taking the GCIH to me makes the most sense, however, is so expensive. I'm thinking about just putting it on the back burner and going for the CISSP. What do you guys think?


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    What are you trying to accomplish? The CISSP probably won't help a ton in that role...but obviously it's good for a career. Have you thought about any forensics certifications or even just picking up some books on Incident Response, forensics, etc.?
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    I agree that the GCIH would probably make the most sense right away. Will work not pay for the training? Have you looked into the work study option? $1100 compared to $6000.

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    As others here have stated, it depends on your objectives. The CISSP is a certification whose only real utility is in getting your next job. HR likes it, and anyone else who is impressed by it isn't worth spending your time talking to. If you are looking for something to help you learn your new role, SANS is the way to go. GCIH is a decent entry level cert/course, but unfortunately doesn't really provide much practical value to a network defender. It is primarily focused on attacker methods, which is critical knowledge as a defender, but if you've gotten a job doing this you really probably already have a pretty decent understanding of these. I would recommend aiming for the GCFA, if you think it's within your reach without having taken the prior courses (GCIH and/or GCFE), as it has more practical value in Incident Response value. For the kind of money that SANS costs, I just don't think that GCIH provides enough value, unless your employer is paying.
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    Go for the cert that has similar wording to your job title. :)

    Without knowledge of your background or current duties, I am forced to make assumptions. Assuming that you do not have the technical skills listed in the SEC504 course syllabus and these skills line up with your new role, I would say GCIH is a no-brainer (especially if your employer pays for it). Putting it on the back burner will not make it less expensive so if you want/need this cert then go for it. Your day-to-day duties might help you understand the material better. If marketability is what you seek then go with CISSP.
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