What are good resources for the MCSA 70-410 Exam and beyond!

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Hi all,

I just recently passed my MTA 98-365 Server Fundamentals exam! Now I am in pursuit to get my MCSA Server cert and go for the private cloud route! Have anyone else gone down this private cloud route? What book (or books did you use)? I am hearing great things about the Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2 book by Mark Minasi. I hear that a lot of people used that book solely and it worked wonders for them on the exam. I have the PDF version of it on my iPAD and plan to start reading it around next month. Is there anything that you guys used who passed the exam. I also found this video series on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9ng8mOysTc ....anybody else use this? Just trying to get my resources in order before I start on the journey to Private cloud cert !!!!

Sidenote: I hear the technet articles are also good, but also heard that the Mastering windows server 2012 r2 covers all that info and then some in the book.


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    Did you enjoy the series? I too found that youtube but not sure if i should watch him. Someone in the comments said he is using server 2012 not r2
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