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I took the Security + last week and barely passed. But a pass is a pass, i guess. I just had a baby and waiting until he is a year old to go back to work. I have about 5 more months until i will be ready. I have 1.5 years of help desk experience but i REALLY dont want to go back to work on help desk. I would prefer to get an entry level security job. i also have a Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology. I was thinking of which other certification could help me to get a security job. CEH, CCNA Security( I dont have a CCNA at all yet) or the tougher ones CISSP, GSEC. Although i think these may be too difficult to study for with a baby. Advice?

Oh, and i to pass i used Professor Messer videos and Darril Gibson's GCGA. I read the entire book then watched professor messer as review. I also used CertMaster but it wasnt too helpful


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    I'd avoid CEH except for resume-pleasing. CASP might be a good next step. many people here like elearnsecurity, but they'd be more for knowledge than resume-building letters. gsec is expensive but a good starter if you can afford it. cissp has an experience requirement that isn't going to look good on an entry level job....
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    Congrats on passing the Exam. I feel the same about CertMaster because it didn't help me either..
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    What was your score? I just passed with a 780 although I tried to rush it within 2 weeks. If I gave myself more time I could have got a higher score, but like you said a pass is a pass. Congrats!
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    congrats :)
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    Congratulations. I've heard mixed feelings about CEH so I'd opt for CASP or CCNA Security if it were me.
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