EC-Council V9.0

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Hello Guys,

I am new user here.

In some days i will give the Ceh v9.0 exam and i have studied from the official course ware provided by EC-Council.

As exam is coming near the tension is increasing.

Well i have some questions in my mind regarding the examination can anyone help me?

Where i can get best practice questions for the preparation?

Also as exam is online so it is allowed to use Google for some questions such as regarding the port numbers,etc?

And lastly ,
Want some tips for passing the exam.

Please help!!!



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    swaggyroh wrote: »
    Want some tips for passing the exam.

    TIP!......................... Wait for it.....................................


    You cannot use google... the test is in a proctored enviornment, and we cannot answer any questions on the specifics of the exam because that would break NDA.

    I need google translate to understand what this is about.... icon_lol.gif

    I tried......
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Can anyone else also help me on this topic?
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    This has been discussed ad nauseam here. Check the "Passed CEH" threads and ask if you have have any specific questions not covered there.
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