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I have just bought two 2501 routers including power cables and console to serial cables.

I have however also noticed a cable in the box called "X.21 DTE" with a 15pin serial end to a 60pin end (the same size as the serial). Can anyone shed some light to what this is for?

My goal is to link the routers like in the technotes but I see that the example uses two V.35 DTE/DCE's.



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    your going to need a 60 pin to 60 pin DCE to DTE. you can order these from ebay pretty cheap
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    Just some extra info to answer your question.This X.21 DTE cable is used to connect to a modem or mux.The 2501 router you have is used at the edge of a network and is connected to the backbone via the X.21 DTE cable.Since you are using this router for your lab and require to connect 2 routers back to back, you can buy another cable X.21 DCE to join to your original x.21 DTE cable to, and hence have 2 V.35 connectors or simply you can do what most of us here do.Go to ebay and buy a V.35 DCE-DTE cable.
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    OK, thanks a lot!

    Here in Germany it isn't so easy to find good value cables on ebay, however, I have found the following: DB60 to DB60 Crossover DTE to DCE cable, it sounds like what you both were talking about, will this do the trick?

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