conflicting info on best book

sleemiesleemie Posts: 109Member
I've read a number of posts regarding the famous "which book is best" question and two books keep popping up...the cisco study guidy by wendell and the sybex by lemke (sp). one person said that the difference was that the cisco was the better book for teaching the material and the sybex was best for preparing you for the test and it was an easier read. Also, apparently the sybex didn't really cover something called NAT very well.

If I were to only get one of them which would be the best way to go in terms of preparing for the test?


  • HumperHumper Posts: 647Member
    I am reading the Sybex CCNA 5th edition book and probably the CCNA for dummies book as something else to read....And doing alot of subnetting and practice questions (flashcards, practice exams, and buying CertSim from it looks pretty cool)....
    Now working full time!
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    The Cisco Press Books helped me score a 948 on the INTRO exam and a 1000 on the ICND. I can't say anything about lammle's book, but I know the Cisco Press was more than enough for me to pass.
  • sleemiesleemie Posts: 109Member
    when you say cisco press, is that the same as the study guide by wendel?
  • EricOEricO Posts: 93Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    Looks like the new one is written by Stephen McQuerry. It is a total of two books, INTRO and ICND.

    I used Wendell Odom's version to pass those tests last month.
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