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Just want to say hello and to wish everyone luck. I just started studying for AWS CSA using I pretty much come from a telecom/network tech background. I have a little Sys admin with HP monitoring tools. Was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on specific things to study as well like Python or Linux maybe? I want to get all three associate certs.
Thanks in advance.


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    If you are able to, I'd study Linux in tandem. You don't need to know any programming or Operating Systems to pass the AWS certs, but it would help.

    What are your goals after passing the exam?
    Goals for 2018:
    Certs: RHCSA, LFCS: Ubuntu, CNCF CKA, CNCF CKAD | AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect Pro, AWS Certified Security Specialist, GCP Professional Cloud Architect
    Learn: Terraform, Kubernetes, Prometheus & Golang | Improve: Docker, Python Programming
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    I want to get work as soon as I can and get the other two associate level certs. I think the DevOps path would be cool.
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